Kids need chiropractic too!

Dr. Jess has a passion for impacting the lives of kids and families.  She has trained with some of the best pediatric chiropractors in the world and she is excited to put that knowledge to use in Marshall.  Since her adjusting technique is both specific and gentle, it works great for kids and adults alike.  We even have special pediatric adjusting tables in each of our adjusting rooms! 

We help families with wide range of health challenges




Sensory Processing Disorder

Immune System Impairment


Constipation/Digestive Upset

Difficult Nursing/Latching


Our Insight Neurological Scans allow us to dive deeper and find the cause of child's health challenges.  Unlike an x-ray, the scans are completely non-invasive and put nothing harmful into the body.  Kids love learning about subluxation & the nervous system with our Subluxation Lamp, too!